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Access Control

Within the scope of the State Secretary for Budget and Expenditure (SEPG), access to the information systems and other electronic contents or services which are supplied via the Internet are governed by Resolution of 27 February 2009, of the Secretariat of State for Finance and Budgets, regulating the information system security policy of the Secretariat General for Budgets and Expenses of the State Controller’s Office.

Resolución de 27-02-09, de la Secretaría de Estado de Hacienda y Presupuestos, por la que se regula la política de seguridad de los sistemas de información de la Secretaría General de Presupuestos y Gastos y de la I.G.A.E. (pdf)

In general, to access these services, the user must have previously registered and have permission to access each one. Moreover, these services increasingly require this access to be made using an e certificate issued by a certification service provider from among those accepted for the area of budget administration.

With a view to defining and clarifying this treatment, as a development of the Decision dated 27 February 2009, a procedure has been drafted for access to the information systems of the budgetary computing services by users outside the scope of Budget Administration, detailing the following:

  • Classification of information systems based on the type of access control.
  • How to add new users, delete users and edit the access profile of external users.
  • Types of communication link with the Budget Administration network.

Procedimiento para el acceso a los sistemas de información de los servicios de Informática presupuestaria, de usuarios externos al ámbito de la Secretaría de Estado de Presupuestos y Gastos. (pdf)

Certain information systems require prior authorisation to be obtained, in accordance with this preauthorisation table before the application for access is made by completing the form below.

To perform any of the operations detailed in the above procedure, the online application form" Management of access to Budget Administration information systems" must be completed.

For certain information systems, before requesting access, the user must have obtained prior authorisation as described in this list of information systems requiring pre-authorisation.

Should problems be encountered on completing the form, the steps below should be followed, depending on whether the user is a user of the budget computer network.

For registered users: follow the procedure in "Issue reporting".

For non-registered users: e-mail uci@IGAE.minhap.es or send a fax to 91 583 97 76.

Some of the more common issues relating to access control are resolved below in order to provide a quick reference to guide users in their aims:

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Which information systems and computer services require prior user registration for access control?

List of information systems.

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Which information systems and computer services also require access using an e-certificate?

Information systems accessible to external users.

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Which certification service providers issue approved certificates for access to the services of the Budget Administration that require these certificates?

List of certification service providers whose e-certificates are approved for the services provided by the Budget Administration.

In general terms, this list is the same as the list of certificates approved for the @FIRMA platform of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration.

Date of latest update: 11/5/2015
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